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Small Animal Gastro Intenstinal Endoscope
Portable Veterinary Endoscope Fiberscope

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Welcome to the Web site of MEDIT VETERINARY ENDOSCOPES Our goal is to provide you with quality and affordable endoscope equipment  that is suitable and comfortable to use  in veterinary medicine. We  try our best so that our prices for endoscope equipment would suite private practitioners and veterinary specialists. Our Veterinary Endoscopy department  works closely with designers and produce centers to make special models, and devices that would help to utilize endoscopes in veterinary medicine more efficiently. More about us...>>

At present the most common applications of endoscopy in veterinary medicine are:

Small Animals - dogs, cats, exotics

  • Veterinary rigid endoscope for Otoscopy with special veterinary otoscopes
  • Veterinary endoscope Rhinoscopy with a rigid endoscopes
  • Veterinary Cystoscopy with rigid scopes in females, diagnostics of ectopic ureters
  • Breeding in veterinary  - trascervical insemination with assisting of rigid endoscope and laparoscope assisted insemination of sheeps.

Large animals - horses

  • Cystoscopy with flexible or rigid scopes  with females
  • Rhinoscopy, sinuscopy with flexible or rigid scopes.


  • Laparoscopes for sheep artificial insemination
Oto Endoscope for veterinary endsocopy
Portable Veterinary Endoscope Fiberscope

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Portable hand held fiberscopes


MEDIT Small Animal Gastro Intenstinal Endoscope

MEDIT Small Animal Gastro Intenstinal Endoscope

Mutly Purpose 3.6mm diameter flexible fiberscope, endoscope (cystoscope, sinuscope)

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